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Testset DIW

These instances are grid graphs with rectangular holes. They come from a VLSI application (see JMRW94 ).

They were introduced in KM98 . More information can be found among others in UdAR99 and PD00 .

Here is an image of alue7080 PS DjVu with solution made by E. Uchoa .

This is a picture of diw0495 with solution. diw0495 with solution

The files can be found in the download section.

Name   |V|    |E|    |T|    DC    Opt 
 diw02345349 10086 25 Ps 1996 
 diw0250353 608 11 Ls 350 
 diw0260539 985 12 Ls 468 
 diw0313468 822 14 Ls 397 
 diw0393212 381 11 Ls 302 
 diw04451804 3311 33 Ps 1363 
 diw04593636 6789 25 Ls 1362 
 diw0460339 579 13 Ls 345 
 diw04732213 4135 25 Ps 1098 
 diw04872414 4386 25 Ps 1424 
 diw0495938 1655 10 Ls 616 
 diw0513918 1684 10 Ls 604 
 diw05231080 2015 10 Ls 561 
 diw0540286 465 10 Ls 374 
 diw05593738 7013 18 Ps 1570 
 diw07787231 13727 24 Ps 2173 
 diw077911821 22516 50 NPs 4440 
 diw07953221 5938 10 Ps 1550 
 diw08013023 5575 10 Ps 1587 
 diw081910553 20066 32 Ps 3399 
 diw082011749 22384 37 Ps 4167 

The column DC classifies the difficulty of the instance.

Solvable by usage of local preprocessing. Typical examples are the SD-Test, BD-n Tests and FST computations. Neither a global upper nor lower bound needs to be computed.
Solvable by polynomial time algorithms, like dual ascent in combination with primal heuristic, a integral LP formulation or advanced preprocessing like reduced cost criteria or the RCR-Test.
No polynomial time algorithm is known. Use of an exponential time enumeration sceme like Branch-and-Bound is neccessary.

The letter after class gives an impression how long it takes to solve the problem using state-of-the-art soft- and hardware. secounds means less than a minute (this includes instances which can be solved in fractions of a second). minutes means less than an hour. hours is less than a day and days is less than a week. weeks mean it takes really a long time to solve this instance. ? means the instance is not solved or the time is not known.

If the number in the Opt column is written in italics the optimum is not known. The number given is the best know upper bound.

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