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SteinLib Testdata Library

SteinLib is a collection of Steiner tree problems in graphs and variants.

The objective of this library is to collect freely available instances of Steiner tree problems in graphs and variants and provide information about their origins, solvability and characteristics.

The library is intended as an open forum for difficult Steiner tree instances. Therefore, contributions in the form of hard and/or real life instances of the Steiner tree problem or some variant are most welcome.
If you have any instances you would like to add to SteinLib or solutions to unsolved problems, please feel free to contact one of us: Thorsten Koch, Alexander Martin, Daniel Rehfeldt, Stefan Voß

A reference to this library (in bibtex format), can be found here: KMV00 .



30. Mar 2015 Results for PUC updated.
25. Mar 2015 New testset for hop-constrained directed Steiner tree problem added: Relay.
05. May 2014 Added new entries in bibliography.
25. Nov 2013 The 11th DIMACS Implementation Challenge: Steiner Tree Problems
21. Jul 2008 Added new results of Testsets: SP, PUC and I640 from Statistic Mechanics of Steiner Trees.
25. Feb 2002 Thanks to Tomas Polzin and Siavash Vahdati all optimal values for Testset LIN and TSPFST are now available.
12. Dec 2001 Added missing terminals in Testset LIN and terminal count in se03 from SP.
06. Sep 2001 More optimal results for I640.
24. Aug 2001 I finally managed to correct the data errors in i640-02[2345].stp.
Thanks to Eduardo Uchoa also the optimal values are now available.
23. Jul 2001 New difficult testset PUC.
14. May 2001 New searchable bibliography. New section on unpublished results.
08. May 2001 New results for I640 from updated version of RUW00 .
02. Mar 2001 Some new results on WRP3.
16. Feb 2001 New testset SP.
09. Feb 2001 New testsets WRP3 and WRP4. Testset I320 solved. New results on set LIN.
14. Dec 2000 First release of the new SteinLib.
Steiner tree problem image

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